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Top 5 Hottest Home Design Trends For 2014


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Planning a home from scratch could appear sort of a intimidating task, however it does not got to be. If you are a potential new customer, you must take into account the most recent trends in home style, with a watch toward making associate degree abode that may serve you and your family for years to come back.

When you hear “trend”, you will think about a furor that may be out of favor in barely a number of seasons. detain mind that instead of specializing in the most recent tabletop material or wallpaper craze, we’re reaching to investigate concepts that specialize in creating your house habitable for the long-term. These trends guarantee you new place are going to be usable for years to come back.

Let’s take a glance at the 5 hottest trends in home styles this year to assist you recognize the way to begin turning your dreams into reality.

Flexible space styles Maximize house And Usage

In the past, new homes were engineered with terribly specific uses for every space, and featured floor plans within which individual rooms were connected by hallways. Today, open floor ideas mean all house is used as living space, instead of wasting your sq. footage. Any further house is employed for storage, that current householders wish to maximize, instead of as a walkthrough.

At identical time, rooms area unit being designed for multiple uses over time. for instance, what can be used nowadays as associate degree workplace will transition to a room because they would like arises. This helps accommodate intergenerational living things, that area unit statistically on the increase.

Automated management

As sensible phone usage continues to become the way of life, luxury householders wish the benefit and authority of machine-driven management. Lighting, natural philosophy, security, and residential climate area unit currently simply overseen after you area unit aloof from home by victimization your pill or sensible phone. This makes it a lot of easier to manage energy prices and duty. Some systems area unit even programmed to be told a homeowner’s habits and regulate consequently over time.


Smart patrons would really like to form associate degree investment that may serve a dynamical family over multiple years. this suggests building a home that may accommodate members of the family of all ages and talents. In 2014, quality designers recognise that open floor plans and wide entryways work well, whereas spiral staircases, storage placed out of reach, and sunken rooms might not be the most effective arrange for householders WHO wish to be ready to keep in their family home for years to come back.



The “green” trend is here to remain, as rules protective the surroundings still be place in situ and shopper consciousness grows. Current patrons wanting to style a brand new house recognise the importance of energy conservation, together with operating among the climate within which a house is engineered to encourage potency. Toilets, showers, and sinks that use less water, energy-efficient heating and cooling, insulation, and economical windows area unit a requirement in inexperienced

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